30-Day Choreography Challenge: Day 1 & Day 2


When I started this blog, I kept thinking, I wanna do a 30-day challenge! But I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so when I saw Jamuna Chiarini’s initiative to do a 30-Day Choreography Challenge starting May 1st, it felt perfect.

It so happened, though, that I was unexpectedly on the road as May 1st came. So I had less time to think, less space to dance. Faced with this, my initial desire to create concrete and repeatable phrases of movement reverted to my default way of moving these days: free-styling, improv, movement in the moment.

Day-1: At Subi Roberto’s mural in Downtown Miami in front of the Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center. To me, this mural is very evocative, and I felt immediately inspired to dance on site. As I approached it alone, with my iPhone propped up to film, I was faced with the choice, do I dance facing the mural to create that communication between its expression and mine? Or do I create a new totality by dancing with it as my background? I somehow decided upon the second one, since it’s a striking mural.

I felt my heart pounding as I stood there in the nearly empty parking lot with cars and people driving by. I definitely faced a moment of fear, being seen as “the crazy woman in the parking lot.” Once I started moving, that faded away and I felt in-tune with a larger flow, the wind in my hair, the hum of the cars, the movements of the construction workers on the roof across the street. It seemed perfectly natural that I should be dancing freely in this urban space, as if it was meant to be. The concrete, although prickly and uneven, felt oddly comforting since most of my training in India was on cement flooring. I filmed for about 25 minutes, with some breaks in between, so I’ve edited it down here to 4 minutes (the blue ‘peacock’ material that covers the screen at around 2:15 is my husband’s swimming trunks I used to prop up camera. I thought it looked kinda cool so kept it) :

Day 2: Dania Beach, Hollywood, FL – movement with hands. After a full weekend with The Mayapuris at Unity on the Bay in Miami and a workshop at Synergy Yoga (not to mention finals at University of Florida), I felt very mellow, ie stiff and sore. So I wanted to honor that by not forcing my body to move. I sat down and went inward asking my body what it wanted to do. Here it is:


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  1. Great idea for your blog, Vrinda. So interesting to see you move in such different rhythms and in different places. Good luck with your challenge!

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