Did I hear you say Couch-Potato? Day 3


Aaaah. There is hardly anything that I do EVERY day, aside from the obvious eating, sleeping, talking, and brushing my teeth. Other things, like exercise or dance-class, I’m pretty good at doing every few days. So the thought has definitely crossed my mind a few times, “can’t I just skip today?” A real temptation!

Underneath the couch-potato feeling though is an internal pressure to produce something fabulous and cool. That’s really what it is. It’s not that I can’t move around, dance something, and fulfill my challenge. What’s stopping me is a gripping internal anxiety that murmurs something like “you’re not good enough.” So I guess that’s exactly why I can’t give into temptation, because sweet as it looks, it’s poisonous in the end.

Day 3: At home.

First I jumped around to a Bollywood song, a sure way to get into a groove. Then I danced to “Underneath it All” by Gwen Stefani. That one turned into a bit of a bedroom song and dance. My sister Jambu said it was sexy, which was not my intention at all. So I’m feeling too dubious about that one to post it.

And finally I played with the mudra Kartarimukha. A mellow improv session without bumps or insights. What else to expect from a couch potato 🙂


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  1. From your dancing, it is easy to see why the topic of eye contact is so compelling to you. Love the way your eyes move from side to side.

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