Day 4 – Eye Movements


Today was one of those non-stop days: I picked up my cap and gown for my graduation at University of Florida tomorrow and returned my textbooks. These are the three books that I decided to keep: E.M. Forster’s Howards End, Zadie Smith’s White Theeth, and Making Connections by Peggy Hackney, all very inspirational books that I plan to read again soon.

As I was standing in line at the book-store, at the library, and then the other bookstore, I didn’t have much else to do than notice the people around me and their “shadow-mannerisms,” fidgeting with their hands, scratching their face, staring into nowhere. Most of all, I noticed people’s eyes, how their eyes moved and shifted from one place to another. In Sanskrit-poetry the movement of the eyes is often compared to the buzzing of a bumble-bee, always active, stopping briefly on a flower and then lifting up and flying further.

So today I was inspired to dance with my eyes.

Day 4 – Eye movements and expressing through the eyes.

And then my mom walked in singing, and she wants to be featured on my blog too. It’s a melancholy Swedish song that we both love:


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