Day 5 – 6: (I wish I was) Bursting Out


Day 5: we celebrated two things: my graduation from UF and Nrisingha Dev bursting out of the pillar to save Prahlad, a prayerful enlightened 5-year old boy.

The first one is self-explanatory: I wore a silly gown and cap, shook hands with some important people, and walked down the center-aisle amidst huge applause for all the Spring 2012 graduates. This was my first all-American rite of passage, and I’m glad I got to experience it.

After that, we switched gears to attend Nrisingha Caturdasi, a day when we celebrate and invoke the protection of Nrisingha Dev, an Avatar of Vishnu who takes the shape of half-man half-lion. Just that should let you know how scary and awe-inspiring Nrisingha Dev can be. It’s a long story, but it ends with Nrisingha Dev bursting out of pillar roaring with his claws in the air ready to destroy anyone trying to harm Prahlad.

When I was 5 myself, I used to be scared of the dark (okay, I still am sometimes), so my mom taught me a mantra for protection praying to Nrisingha; she even wrote it in her neat calligraphy and put on the wall next to my bed so I could glance up at it any time. This mantra invokes Nrisingha Dev in his most ferocious and furious aspect.  Saying this mantra has definitely given me some courage to face the darkness I fear.

With all this happening, though, I didn’t get far with my 30-Day Challenge. But last weekend I performed with The Mayapuris at Unity on the Bay in Miami, FL. The dance was in honor of Nrisingha Dev and begins with the mantra I describe above (I’ve uploaded half of the dance):

Day 6: today I had a 7-hour meeting followed by a Sunday-feast at the Temple. With the 30-Day Challenge in full swing, I’m becoming so aware of how everything else in my life takes priority over dance. Tomorrow will be different, so I say to myself. I will give more time to be creative, I will sit with my thoughts before I dance with them. Here is today:


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