Day 15 – In the Air


I spent all day getting from LA back home, and at first I thought “how cool! I will celebrate the mid-point of this challenge in the air.” When I landed in Miami, it was that “now or never moment” as i waited for my connecting flight. Romantic as my enthusiasm might have been, I quickly found that what sounds great in theory feels different in real life. Sitting in an airplane for example does not quite give me a bird-like sense of freedom, soaring through the skies!

Like on Day 1 when I danced in a Miami parking lot, I felt self-conscious moving in this public space. I’m increasingly aware of what an important role a safe structured space plays in the cultivation of creativity. For me at least doing unexpected things in unusual environments feels very tightening, like I want to curl up and be small, unnoticed. But why this fear? I asked myself. Right when I sensed a small loosening within myself and felt a larger range of movement available to me, I heard the last calls for boarding…

So here is my tentative offering:


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