Day 16 – Mostly thoughts and a little Dance


Inspired by my weekend among yogis, I actually woke up and did an hour of asana-practice this morning. My favorite asana right now is virasana, warrior pose. And I had several heart-opening moments over the weekend that I will share eventually.

Today my Kuchipudi class brought me to my question of the day (I’m lucky if only one question comes up in a day!): why am I distinguishing between dance and dance? I decided not to get a snippet from my Kuchipudi class because somehow I thought “it doesn’t count.” Other days also, I stopped myself from dancing Bharat Natyam pieces that I already know because I’ve decided that doesn’t count. I tell myself that I’m exploring new ground, and valid as that my be, my question comes as a navigator letting me know that I’m not quite in balance yet.

My other question (see I can’t just have one!) is about my default mode: I spin a lot, move fast, and become choppy and sharp in my movement. It’s kind of frantic actually, like I’m shooting out energy from every limb, with every movement. Even at Shaktifest, I set my intention to be calm, deliberate and effortless but quite soon after entering the stage, I was back to my default way of moving. It feels good in the moment because I feel like I’m building this energy around me. But stillness and poise evade me, and I end up feeling like an out-of-breath chased animal, only I’m doing the chasing and the running. In the list of 10 qualities of a dancer from Abhinaya Darpanam, ‘sthiram’ steadiness is the second quality, and I’m beginning to see why.

Since my Kuchipudi practice didn’t cut it, I came home and did this while my husband strummed away on his guitar:


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