Day 19 – Rathayatra Jacksonville Beach


Danced at Jacksonville Rathayatra. Last time I danced here was in 2009 with Gangi and Kumari. 3 years ago. wow.

So I cant help but reflect on where I was then, where I am now, and where I want to go. But I don’t feel fully open to talk about my thoughts regarding this.

This time Vish and I did two dances collaboratively. And I was also really grateful to my teacher Swathi Mahalakshmi for her suggestion that I dance our new Kuchipudi dance. I love doing dances like this because it reminds me that I can actually dance!

I was waiting to get some better footage, but this is what Narayana Johnson captured using my iPhone:

My favorite moment might just be when the bicycle goes by!

Here is a HD collage of our performance that day:


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  1. I like the softness and simplicity of this piece. I especially like the little girl dancing with you in the front. How do you find dancing different styes of Indian Dance? Does it ever get confusing?

    • I can see the softness in that it’s more fluid and playful than Bharat Natyam. In what regard do you see the simplicity, I’m curious?
      Kuchipudi and BN are the only two styles I do. Ive very briefly touched on khatak and odissi, and found them strange feeling in my body. I experience Kuchipudi very much like a sister-form to BN, they are similar enough that I easily picked it up, yet distinct enough that I can always tell them apart…
      I guess in more creative ‘fusion’ work though, I don’t necessarily want to keep them so strictly separate, while I also feel like I should keep them separate!

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