Day 23 – Lingering


My sadness from yesterday has been lingering with me all day. I’ve been trying to do that balancing act where I’m not simply giving in to despondency yet neither am I dismissing it. In some ways, this sadness I’m feeling is beyond words, not something I can explain in a sentence or two. But basically it’s this, I’m up against a barricade of my own making, and it seems impossible to cross over it or even see beyond it. I’m talking about my mind, my emotions, my firm beliefs.

If I simply listened to my dominant feeling, I would’ve ‘stayed in bed’ all day, aka, sat around surfing the internet and looking at YouTube videos. And I knew that I would feel better once I got moving. My Kuchipudi dance class was energizing, and Swathi akka’s company is always sweet. I also watched my sister-in-law Ganga’s Odissi dance rehearsal which brought me into another world. And suddenly I felt inspired to do my Dance Challenge.

My favorite dance day in this challenge so far was Day 1 when I danced at Subi’s mural in Miami, FL. So although this graffiti sidewalk here in Gainesville, FL is nothing like that mural, I thought “Why not?”

Then, this happened by chance right after, a dance by the sun on my face 🙂


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