Day 25 – Sva Hridaya – Her own Heart


Today I’m bursting with inspiration and barely feel contained within the boundaries of my body. One reason for this might be an insight and affirmation that came to me yesterday: I will always continue dancing no matter what. In other words, no matter what my professional satisfaction is or what the results are, I want to personally continue to have dance as an integral part of my life. This felt like a big shift for me, from confusion to clarity.

Hence, in my improv session today I felt calm. The main inspiration behind my movement was Sva Hridaya, two words from Jayadev Goswami’s poem Sa Virahe that I danced to on Day 17. Sva hridaya marmani = in the innermost part of her heart. Right next to this stood my thought that God is in our heart. Sometimes I feel soothed by his presence there, sometimes I feel empty and alone:


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