Day 28 – Natta Bhairavi Improv


My classmate from Kalakshetra Vincent Pinault wrote me the other day asking, what’s this blog thing all about? And he added that he liked the Leela akka piece I did, not sympathizing with my inner conflict at all. Since our graduation from Kalakshetra in ’07, Vincent’s always been encouraging me to stick to pure Bharata Natyam.

So here is a Bharata Natyam improv to the nritta-based thillana music in the melody, Natta Bhairavi. I chose this piece of music for two reasons. One, I don’t know the choreography to this dance, and two, the tune is on a loop, so the main line keep repeating most of the song, making it easy to freestyle to it. Also, in accord with the traditional structure, I attempted to repeat on the left what I’d done on the right. I was mostly successful:


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    • Thank you Gaurangi-Priya! I guess I didn’t think of it as choreography exactly since I was more just playing around with adavus. And choreography to me sounds like a lot of decision-making which I’m staying away from 🙂

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