Day 29 – Summersaults


I like having my two feet on the ground. Even swimming too long makes me uneasy, and I yearn to feel earthbound and grounded. Bharata Natyam really suits me in that sense.

But recently I saw Pilabolus in action, a New York based dance company known for their innovative choreography. In one of their solo pieces, the girl used the floor as her partner, so to say. The piece consisted mainly of endless Summersaults with occasional moments where she would come up to balance on her shoulders. This solo was my inspiration for today.
I can’t find a clip of it on YouTube but here is something else spellbinding in a different way by Pilabolus:

In essence, I was inspired to contact the earth with other parts of my body. And also to be less frontal and face-forward, instead multi-directional. It wasn’t as smooth in every moment as I wished it to be, but I was happy enough with it as an improv:


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