Day 5 – Deflated Balloon


I had a mixed up experience dancing today. Have you ever half-filled a balloon with air only to let it go, watching it summersault frantically through the air before it drops to the floor deflated? My dance-session was kind off like that, only it all happened in my mind. If I had embodied that imaginary balloon, that might have been more fulfilling.

I began as I did yesterday with mild stretching and adavus. Two adavus into it, I felt heavy and tired in my limbs, and I then remembered my resolve to alternate days between adavus and creativity. So today was actually my creativity day. While my body liked this news, my mind plummeted into the balloon dance above. One of the most painful things during my first 30 Day Challenge was coming into contact with how confused I am about how to dance, what to dance. Doubts are painful. I want to be clear and purposeful, yet this desire collides with a number of unresolved questions I have.

Finally I played Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ and improved with Tat-tey-taha 3 (see Day 2 🙂 ). I won’t post the video because I feel I was dressed too sexy, a topic that I want to explore more another day, appearance and sensuality.


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