Day 7 – Constant Movement


Somehow there seems to be constant movement in my life. As I write, I’m on a 6-hour drive to Miami, FL with Vish, Bali & Dhanya. Dhanya is recording her first single ‘Gurudev’ a moving and meditative song that I’ve danced to live:

I’ll be singing background vocals, and basically we are here to support her budding project to become a full-fledged pop-star! I don’t think Dhanya would express it that way at all, but she’s got the voice, the looks, and composes her own lyrics and melodies. So I’m excited to be part of this milestone in her career.

Yet I’m concerned with the endless whirl of movement I find myself in. I do thrive on activity and moving forward. But a lot of this movement isn’t necessarily taking me in the direction that I want. I’m not arriving where I want to be. I don’t seem to even be getting close.

For example, 3 years of nearly constant traveling with Mayapuris gave me so much: the ability to dance and perform anytime, any place. And I remain deeply grateful for these experiences. Nevertheless, I have little to show in terms of a professional portfolio, or a connection to the dance-world. I long to be connected to the the world of dance.

PS: Before we hopped in the car, I danced Hindolam thillana, a pure dance piece that strings together adavus in different intricate ways.


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