Day 8 – Balance and Beach-time


I’m writing from Pompano Beach as I sit in the shade and wait for the sunscreen to soak into my skin. Seriously I’m no less afflicted than a vampire who can’t go out in the sun :p


This morning I started my practice with soft stretching which turned into movement. Finding my balance with my hands on my heart:

After this I did tat-adavu 6, tat-tey-taha 1, and kitataka tarikitatom. 3 solid steps in 3 solid speeds. The repetitive nature of practicing adavus feels soothing and safe.

Yet now a feeling of rawness and vulnerability has crept up on me. I’m grateful I have nothing more demanding ahead than navigating my way through sun and waves. But I wonder if the adavus stripped me of my outer layer of protection, leaving me more open and susceptible? Though it didn’t feel like it as I was practicing, I wonder if I gave too much?

Movement turns easily to chaos, and stillness to lethargy. I’m seeking my balance. And now the sunscreen must have soaked into my skin, and I hope the ocean will too and align my energies to their rightful place in my being.


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