Day 9 – Finding Stillness and Books


A new day can feel like a blank slate, a fresh beginning. Deep sleep especially is healing and rejuvenating. And so I wake up and sprint, filled with the energy of a new day. But today is also a cumulation of yesterday’s feelings, something I tend to forget. Simply put, if I was emotionally drained yesterday, I need some ‘fragile’ stickers today to remind myself and others to handle me with care.

Acknowledging how I’ve been going non-stop, I focused on stillness today. When everyone headed to the beach with great cheer, I closed myself in the room and gently moved through surya-namaskar. I also sat in silence 20 minutes, noticing my random thoughts and my breath.

Today I also started reading ‘The Artist’s Way – A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity’ a gift from my friend Nilacala Krietzer. Can’t think of a book more perfect for me right now. My blog and my challenge revolves around my desire to find my path as an artist. Here is one of the many cool quotes in the book:
‘Creation is only the projection into form of that which already exists.’
– Shrimad Bhagavatam 🙂

Books have made a big difference in my life and have come to my attention when I’ve really needed them. In my first year in India at Kalakshetra, Deepak Chopra’s ‘Path to Love’ helped me cope with feeling completely alone in the world. Later Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ bathed me in such warmth that I literally was stunned. I guess I should also admit that the Twilight series delighted me quite a bit at a time when I needed delight 🙂 So far, I’m underlining several sentences on each page of ‘The Artist’s Way’ but it’s too soon to tell if it will be on my list of books that changed my life.


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  1. Hi Vrinda, I am happy to hear that you had the intuition to listen to your body and stay home for some quite solitude.
    Where did you find the quote from Bhagavatam. I love it. The book you are mentioning. the artist’s way sounds interesting. I let you read it and hear what you have to say.

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