Day 19 – Another Day has Come and Gone


Another day is over. Sometimes I stop what I’m doing in my day and think, “this is my life?” it seems at once marvelous and absurd. I wasn’t much of a dreamer as a kid, so I don’t remember attaching any specific expectation to my adulthood. It only promised to be better than ‘now’ – as the future always seems. Now is here though, as it always is. Still I have this funny feeling about life, like I haven’t quite figured out what the point of it is. Or if I’m missing the point somehow? It’s clearly a journey, though I’m not sure where I’m going really. But it’s clearly too late to have a philosophical quandary! (I admit that I rambled on about this for a while, having quite a dialogue with the Hare-Krishna fanatic in my head :p)

I’m not quite level-headed at this time of night, after hours of dancing. This is what I personally danced:
Tat & Nat adavus 2, 4, 6, 7
Ta tey tey ta 2

Also started brainstorming/dancing to a new dance with Vis set to the mantra ‘Om Purnam’


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  1. Love your blog! it is such an inspiration to myself as a dancer, thank you very much!
    I understand your thoughts about the duality of structure and rigidity in Bharatnatyam while also feeling the need for more fluidity of movement and expression
    Have you ever tried Mohiniyattam? I’ve just begun to learn it myself, and it seems like it would stylistically suit you..just a thought!

    • Hi B! Thank you warmly! Im very glad to hear you are resonating with some of the things Im writing. And no, I have not tried mohini-attam yet, but I have done thiruvathira kali, which I think is kind of a folk-dance form of mohini-attam… I am learning Kuchipudi, and I find alot of playfullness and fluidity there compared to BN.Thanks for the tip though, I might give it a shot! What styles have you tried so far?

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