Day 22 – On the Go (in one place)


Today I enjoyed teaching and felt that everyone was very receptive and eager. That makes it fun. Half of the time, teaching feels like a duty not a passion. But when the student is excited to learn and I know what I’m teaching, it feels like a blessing for both.

I danced in one of the classes with Gayatri and Markela:
Tat adavu 1
Nat adavu 7
Ta tey tey ta 3
Teya teyi 1
Tey hat tey hi 1, 3
Tat tey tam 1
Tat tey taha 1

I’m pretty exhausted now, after 6 hours of classes and the above dancing. Plus I had an emotionally demanding morning too, which I’m sitting here and thinking about, how emotions flare up seemingly out of nowhere.


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