Day 23 – How many languages can you say ‘knee pain’ in?


I can say “my knees are in pain” in at least four languages: Tamil, Swedish, Spanish, English. Not because I’m a language whiz but because I’ve been around knees in pain in all those places :p Rarely were the knees in question my own. Yet I’ve had a fear of ruining my knees prematurely, as some dancers do. And because of that, I was religious about massaging my legs and feet thoroughly with oil every evening during my study days.

Since beginning this second challenge where I’m actually dancing til I sweat, I haven’t done much leg-care and my right knee is speaking up. Not quite a pain yet, just a loud ‘be careful’ when I stand straight on it. It started 2 days ago, but today I finally listened and in honor of my knee did not dance. I did have 7 hours of classes, but my students kindly allowed me to sit down most of the time 🙂

Message of the day: listen to your body before it’s at the screaming-stage. And treat yourself to a nice massage with your own knowing hands.


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