I Am Not Confined Or Defined By This Experience


You can’t reduce me to words, to gestures, to symbols.

“I’m sad” is a small container for the vast rolling emotions that bring symptoms of sadness to the surface. The small drops of salty water rolling down my cheeks only point to the oceanic depth of my being. “Sadness” itself is a symbol then for a concept that is so much larger. And this is really what dance is. We are harnessing expansive truths and using a few gestures to convey large concepts, pointing back towards something that truly can’t be seen only felt. A few movements that mean so much. Which instead have come to mean so little. Is Truth one-shaded? One-dimensional or even 3-dimensional?

I’ve been thinking about how imperfect the body is as a tool for expressing the tremendous journey that our soul is constantly on. The body is a tool, like words, like movement, that we use to express where we are at. Our actions channel the workings of an often mysterious inner being, our own self. Yet I am not my expression, I’m the expressor.

Never reduce me to a word, an idea, or a symbol. You can’t catch my soul in your net of words, your concepts. I expand beyond them, as I expand far beyond my body even now. Can you see my thoughts? Didn’t think so.

My body can express facets of my emotional experience: laughing, crying, shaking, sighing, reddening. Still my laugh is not my happiness, only a small expression of it. Sometimes it’s so deep I cannot laugh. You see me silent but I’m not silence.

Ours is a world of words, labels, and divisions that we embrace and struggle against. I am none of these things, yet you may know me through them. As long as I’m a traveler on this Earth, I have a form that demands definition.

Be an artist in your life and give shape and shade to words and ideas, creating nuances, so that when I am trapped in one, at least it’s a beautiful trap, reflecting part of my truth.

But I’m not confined or defined by this experience. I’m full of consciousness and energy: you cannot catch me as I transcend all boundaries.


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