Dancing with Mayapuris – Unity on the Bay, Miami FL


You know, these days when I dance with The Mayapuris, there is less drama going on in my mind. Yes, I am a very hard critic on myself, and I have my usual ups and downs. But you know what, I’ve become so used to myself that it doesn’t throw me off balance like it used to. Sign of maturity? Spiritual development? :p

Today we danced at a Unity church in Miami. Here are two clips:


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  1. hey vrinda 🙂
    soo nice to finally get back on your blog and check up on how you’re doing! im in thailand now on a spiritual retreat of sorts…more on that later i guess. anyway most of the internet in china is blocked so i haven’t been able to be in touch and on youtube as much at all. also, i’ve been listening to Song of Nadia, the first track on the Mayapuris Mridanga album ON REPEAT

    • since like the past month and it’s been so healing…absolutely speaks to me but i haven’t yet figured out how. anyway, i think of you often and always send you love and light. with warm hugs,
      heera 🙂

    • …Since the last month or so, and its been sooo healing in a lot of ways, i can’t pinpoint exactly what, but things are good, and i remember you often and send you love and healing light 🙂 . hope you’re doing well and enjoying yourself wherever you are 🙂 lots of love,

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