I was 6 years old when I saw this dance in the devotional Hindi movie Bhakta Prahlad:

My heart beat so fast I felt dizzy. This is where my love for dance was really ignited. I watched it again and again, dancing with her, imitating her. I also took inspiration from another dance in the same movie. Even though I had no inkling what they were saying, I learnt all the lyrics and sang along. Other movies I loved where the gopi-girls dancing with Krishna and Sita’s Wedding (I discovered Bollywood only later on in my teens.)

My training in Bharata Natyam began in serious when I was 10 with regular trips to India. 20 years later, I am a thinker and practitioner of this art-form. I love to “critically and creatively” engage with Bharata Natyam. I am also learning Kuchipudi.

For those of you new to all this and curious:

Bharata Natyam by Savitha Sastry.

Kuchipudi by Shantala Shivalingappa.

Me with The Mayapuris an example of the blend that can happen when you mix live kirtan-music, improv, and story-telling.

To know more about my training and my endeavors with dance, you can visit my website:


Download my Press-Kit

* I borrowed this phrase “critically and creatively” from the Post Natyam Collective:

“The Post Natyam Collective is a multinational community of dance artists, scholars, and organizers critically and creatively engaging with South Asian dance forms and aesthetic concepts.” – www.postnatyam.blogspot.com


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