Day 13 – 14: 24 Hour Kirtan


A weekend immersed in the Hare-Krishna mantra. I love to be with my family and friends in this spiritual and sacred environment where everyone is calling out to the Lord and just praying so ardently. For myself, Im still in the experiment of it. I dont really like the idea of staying up 24 hours; it feels so taxing on the body. I was in good spirits and energy for the first 12 hours, and it went down-hill from there for me. But I was amazed by people like my husband and sister-in-law Jambu who stayed up the entire night.

One of the things that warmed my heart the most was seeing families together in kirtan.


Ananta, Vish, Sadanandi!


Beautiful Kumari in Manoram’s kirtan:


Gaura Mani’s little girl:

Radhanath Swami

Marky singing in Kish’s kirtan:

Kish rockin’ it!

This is just a tiny tiny glimpse, less than 20 minutes really, of the beautiful mellows in the 24 Hour Kirtan.


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